santa ana high school class of 1962

Santa Ana High School

Santa Ana, California

Class of 1962 with '60,'61,'63 and  Friends

and additional Classes as reported.

background photos by Allison Miller, MFA ... Workshop Leader SAHS 2006*


Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, California


1957 Classmates who have passed away

1958 Classmates who have passed away

1959 Classmates who have passed away

1960 Classmates who have passed away

1961 Classmates who have passed away

1962 Classmates who have passed away

1963 Classmates who have passed away


Faculty, Staff,and Coaches that have gone on to Saintland:

Chuck Hasley January 2, 2004 age 69

Jack Pickering March 7, 2004  age 77

Earl Engman, June 21, 1993 age 69

Mildred Watson, April 1975 age 75

Dick Hill, 2005

SAHS Friends:

Al Molnar (The owner/founder of the In-n-Out) December 2004(From Cathy Gemain DeBruyn)  (from Cheryl Buzzell West) also I am sure most of you have seen the emails regarding Al Molnar.. from the 'In and Out'.. which was really supposed to be called 'Kwik Snack'..  He passed away in Texas.. his obituary was in the Register on Christmas Day.. Some of you may remember that he was our guest at the 3 way joint reunion many years ago.. quite a precious member of our high school days..and memories... Cheryl Buzzell West 12-31-2004

Got this from Henry Weibert; had to play it more than once.  Boy, did it bring back memories, especially about those french fries.




Who in these classes went to Vietnam, or were in the military??



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How about this: From Judy McLain Rauland, '62

This is the 1959 Lathrop Drill Team

I can see lots of the class of 1962 (Lots of Lowell School class of 1956)

These Lathrop Class of 1959 photos are from Lynda (Goff) Maloney'62 SAVHS

  • Front row:
  • 1?, Dave Swenson, Clark Abramson, Frank Newell, Allen Shive, Rodney Barney, Buddy Kellum, Mike Dyer, Mike Alt, Johnny Johnston, Tom Bidwell, David Matheny, Junior Salmon.
  • Second row:
  • Jeannie Steinenger, Libby Gibson, Pam Rickman, Judy Mikol, Debbie Trueblood, Janie Barger, Charlotte Van Gorkum, Linda Gibbs, Carolyn Fillmore, Martha Hill, Lynda Goff, Nancy Harvey, Carmen Duarte, Starlene Duna, 4?, 5?.
  • Third row:
  • 6?, Sandra Baker, Cathy Bush, Barbara Henderson, Carol Babusek, Vaughnceil Purcell, 7?, 8?, Willa Filson, Carolyn Provencher, Cathy Adams, Rachel Vasquez, 9?, Rita Aguilera, Marianna Grecian, Judy McClain.
  • Back row:
  • Arden Raimondi, Dale Bower, Harry Serrano, Tom Gentleman, Dennis Belanger, Mike Olafson, Mike Johnson, Bob Campbell, Greg Solis, Larry Echevarria, Frankie Vasquez, Joe Powell, Doug Wilson, Jimmy Shaw, Jimmy Ramsey, Octavio Flores.

Front row:
Junior Salmon, 10?, 11? 12? 13?, 14?, Gene Davis, Gil Rogue, Mike Trapp, 15?, Gene Crawford, 16?, Eddie LaSaout, Johnny Love, Jim Jenkins, George Smith, Roger Stone.
Second row:
4?, 5?, Nancy Heard, Sallie Labrucherie, Mary Jane Hunter, Sharon Oliver, Bonni Ryel, Sharon Shaw, Judy Wise, Earlene Cowan, Sylvia Ornelas, Linda Parry, Linda Wilson, Maxine Koger, 17?, Bonnie Jones.
Third row:
Marianna Grecian, Judy McClain, 19??, Barbara Fleeting, 18?, 19?, 20?, 21?, Rosa Castillo, Judy Abramson, 22?, Marilyn Fenster, 24?, 25?, Sylvia Morales, Lynda West.
Back row:
Jimmy Ramsey, Octavio Flores, Raul Banuelos, Freddie Elizondo, Richard Eveland, Johnny Ara, Steve West, 26?, John Edwards, 27?, 28?, 29?, Bob Mansfield, 30?, 31?, 32?, 33?.

Front row:
George Smith, Roger Stone, 34?, 35?, Robert Bunyan, Larry Ferdinand, 36?, 37?, 38?, 39?, Doug Ledoux, Norman Olafson, Barbara MacAulay, Irene Rico, Margarita Sanchez, Lillian Carranza, Dora Villarreal, Vera Ponce.
Second row:
Bonnie Jones, Kay Benjastoff, Juanita Upton, 40?, 41?, Marilyn Pomerenke, 42?, 43?, 44?, Betty Bauman, Barbie Blaney, Cindy Hansen, Mary Chilson, Nancy Hunter, 45?, Carin Davis
Third row:
Lynda West, 46?, Harriet Jones, 47?, Suzanne Lapham, Carol Cantu, 48 Sharon ?, Candice Davis, 49?, 50?, Bette Schwarz, 51?, Sheila Sullivan, 52?, 53?, Gwena Capps.
Back row:
32?, 33?, William Deck, Don Kastorff, Clifford Flick, 54?, 55?, LeRoy Bell, 56?, 57?, 58?, Jerry Holder, 59?, Ron Flora, David Kormos, Joe Reeves, Eddie Ross, Fernando Fuentes.

Front row:
Vera Ponce, Dorothy Bragg, Franklin Weaver, 61?, 62?, Duane Dopson, Jesse Morehouse, Jimmy Gretz, Mike Chapman, Don Christopherson, Gary Smith, Dennis Wells.
Second row:
Carin Davis, Ann Baxter, Joanna Arduino, 67, 68, Georgina Sharon, Charlene Wolf, Pat Cull, Nancy Rogers, Karen Bate, Sheena Wendland, Leah Aasen,71?, 72?, Lana Quick, Sharon Gaspard, 73 Darlene ?.
Third row:
Gwena Capps, Jere Awalt, 74?, Claudine Jonas, Virginia Martinez, Sheena Wendland??, 76?, 77?, 78?, 79?, 80?, 81?, 82?, Linda Ferguson.
Back row:
83?, Martin Swain, 84?, 85?, 86? David Steinle, Tom Twilliger, Al Botkin, Ralph Basset, 87?, Larry Collins, Chuck Venners, Dave Williams, Mike Gereau, Jeff Burton, Dale Woodward, 88?.

Front row:
Dennis Wells, 89?, 90?, Robert Metz, 91?, Keith Cunningham, 92?, 93?, 94?, Eddy Jackson, Mike Bieger, 95?.
Second row:
73 Darlene ?, 74?, Dorothy Paulette OíNeal, Sheron Turner, Mary Musick, Barbara Perry, LaVonne Trammel, Carol Foster, Carolyn Shelton, Phyllis Farber, Betty Creswell, 97?, Terry Josephson, Sandra Stillings, 98?, 99?.
Third row:
Linda Ferguson, 100?, 101?, Sharon McLaughlin, 102 Barbara?, 103?, Wilhelmina Joosten, 104?, Donna Acklin, 105?, Karen Junkemeier, Shirley Hedeman, Elizabeth Sorenson, Jan Hayes, Sharon Hedeman.
Back row:
88?, 106?, 107?, David Roundtree, Jim Sielaff, 108?, Bob Taylor, 110?, Mike Clausen, Brian Cupples, Baron Halverson, 111?, Tom Wilkins, Bobby Getchel

Who do you see that we have not named?????  Let me know so I can update the roster.

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Wow, I sure do see a whole bunch of "old" friends...Lots of SAHS Class of '62 and SAVHS Class of '62!!!

There are several girls in this photo that I dated or wanted to date (Beginning in the 5th grade at Lowell School)!!!

Lots of Lowell School Class of 1956 too!!!  Who do you see??????

Okay Willard and Smedley Grads, where are your photos?????

Here is the Willard Class of 1958?  From Patricia Sutton '61, in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Now, how about some names and identification!!!

This is from Paul Hill:

Hereís some names for the Willard 58 photo.
I put a ? where I didnít know the name.  Also, Iím not sure on the spelling of some of the names.
Iíll get back to you with more names later.
Willard 58 photo
 Top row (standing), from left to right = Terry Gordon, Bill Sides, ? Jerry Strom, ?  Doug Wright,  ? Jeff Joslyn, ? Dick Lemon, ? Mike Bates, Ken Kettering, Mike Blower, Pat Muccho(sp?), Ron Maggines(sp?), Stewart Mc Fehrson(sp?), Bill Mylerberg, Wayne Fedden, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roger Vehrs, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bill Kinzie, Danny Gonzales, John Cheney, Roger Simpson, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Charlie Pribus, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Herb Laisens, Denny Holbert, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ken Lloyd, ?, Steve Odenath, Grant Hamilton, ?
2nd row up from the bottom, seated, from left to right = ?, Jim Mc Kinney, Ben Wiley, Dave Hill, Bart Yoder, John Mc Farlane, George Conaway, Phil Norton, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jerry Chapman, Bob Huddleston, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Howard Curtis, ?, ?, ?, Joe Rios,?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, 


1959 - 1962 SAHS Activities:

 1962 ARIEL      I see Ron, Janie, Judy, Kay '63, Karen...lots more...who do you see????

1962 ARIEL     I see ShuShu, John, Barry, Cheryl, Freddie, lots more...who do you see????

1961 ARIEL     I see Ruth, Judy, Paul, Lee, Maryellen, Mr. Wooley, who do ya know?????

1961 ARIEL       I see Sally Burkey, Mike, Mr. Beck.......more????

1960 ARIEL       Who do ya know????  Let's name'm!!!  I see Stan Farrar, Mike Bates, who do you see???

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1960 ARIEL                  Let's name'm!!!!  I see Joyce '61, Jock '61, who else???

1960 ARIEL                  Let's Name'm!!! I see Stan, Judy, Lynne, Helma, Joel...who do you see???

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SAHS Classes of 1960, 1961, 1962 20th Reunion October 24, 1981

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*Allison Miller earned her M.F.A from the Graduate Program in Writing at University of California, Irvine where she was a Jacob Javits fellow. While at the University of California, she taught composition, worked as poetry editor for Faultline UC Irvine's literary journal and served as editor of Jupiter Launches , an interactive online journal of Santa Ana Unified School District student writing. She has taught photography to high school students and her photographs of Santa Ana school students illustrate the Jupiter Launches print anthology of student writing published by the University of California in 2003. Before attending UCI, she graduated with honors from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and studied photography at Jane Adams Hull House in Chicago. Her poetry has appeared in The Ear and Sycamore Review . She has received two Academy of American Poets Prizes. She is currently an instructor of English at Loyola Marymount University